Test Engineer

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Test Engineer

Edesix is part of Motorola Solutions’ public safety software suite.

The Person:

As a Test Engineer, you will be responsible for the ongoing quality of our best-in-class Video Management System and range of body-worn video cameras. You will develop and execute test plans, and functionally test our web application, hardware, and integration with 3rd party systems. You’ll support regression test efforts by writing automated test suites, primarily in Java and Selenium, and determine how to structure the tests so they are maintainable. As a member of the R&D, you’ll collaborate with developers on requirements to identify conditions and scenarios not previously considered, and write effective bug reports.

The right candidate will have a testing mindset and enjoy using technical tools to stress the web application. The department will employ some DevOps technologies over the next year, you will be exposed to Continuous Integration. You will have open discussions about how we improve the test coverage and mitigate risks, and contribute to the department’s continual improvement effort. The ideal candidate will be proactive, have a methodical approach to problem solving, and be capable of driving ideas/projects forward.


Required Skills:

  • Experience coding in Java, and willingness to learn
  • Understanding of software design principles
  • SQL
  • Selenium
  • Familiarity with computer networking and video technology (MP4 streams etc)
  • Experience of the software development cycle
  • Effective writing


Job Responsibilities:

  • Test the web application, both manually and technically
  • Develop and execute test plans
  • Develop & maintain Test Automation suites using Java/Selenium
  • Test functionality and integration of in-development cameras
  • Assemble hardware setups involving IP cameras, networking
  • Write readable, persuasive Bug Reports
  • Risk assess product features, prioritising testing appropriately
  • Regression test products before major release
  • Contribute to the Test team’s continual improvement culture
  • Reproduce and verify any new bugs at short notice


Other Skills:

  • Enjoys problem solving and working in a fast-paced technical environment
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills
  • Regularly investigate, develop and integrate new techniques and technologies
  • Self-motivated and proactive
  • The ability to work independently, within or leading team
  • Well organised
  • Strategic thinker


If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to c.waugh@edesix.com with Test Engineer as the subject header.

Please note: We can only accept candidates that are authorised to work in the UK and all candidates will be subject to HMG BPSS employment checks.