Alternative use cases for Body Worn Cameras

Find out how versatile our Body Worn Cameras are.

Though traditionally used as a deterrent to aggression, and to capture secure footage for use in court, evidence-gathering is not the limit of uses for Body Worn Cameras (BWC).

Due to the high quality of both audio and video recorded, BWCs also make for effective training devices. Using BWCs to capture real-time decision making for post event review, and establishing best practice is something currently being conducted by emergency services through the UK, including fire & rescue and paramedics.

When using BWC for Fire and Rescue, the commanding officer will wear an Edesix VideoBadge BWC which allows a full view of the incident to be captured. This recording provides an unbiased sequence of events, rather than relying on the memory recall of the officer who will have been acting under pressure and time restraint. By using the commanding officer’s viewpoint it allows for those viewing the footage to understand the full scope of the incident. This then conveys how each different officer undertook their order rather than a single firefighter’s point of view. Furthermore, with the advent of Wi-Fi streaming capabilities in the Edesix VB-300 series of VideoBadge, the commander can instantly stream to headquarters the live view of the incident. Not only does this transparently convey how each incident is dealt with, it also generates footage which can then be used for training purposes; highlighting best practice and allowing for recommendations on improvement.

The use of BWCs for training purposes has already been applied by paramedics in the UK. Emergency staff have successfully used VideoBadges to improve training through showing the best possible working practices. The Resuscitation Research Group (RRG), in Edinburgh, successfully used Edesix BWCs to garner information on the success of new protocols, to evaluate interactions between paramedics, and to discern the best working practice. BWCs also make it possible to assess the potential effectiveness of new equipment.


"VideoBadge has made it possible to evaluate new equipment while out in the field."

Dr Gareth Clegg, Resuscitation Research Group, Edinburgh


With the increasing popularity of BWCs out-with the police and security sectors, we will see more variance in use cases, which truly conveys the versatility of Body Worn Cameras.