Body Worn Cameras, the next step for Airport Security

Edesix Body Worn Cameras have been tested by security workers and have proven to be a benefit during challenging situations, often relevant to airport security.

Airports are one of the most security intensive areas in modern society. With so many people arriving every day to travel across the world, securing such a premise is a monumental task.

The traditional means of security in airports are designed to ensure that nothing illegal or dangerous can get on to an airplane, including travellers. These tools, such as metal detectors, baggage scanners and most recently full body scanners, are used to aid airport security in safeguarding flights. However, these methods can often lead to contention between security staff and the public due to their stringent measures. To this end, Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are an ideal tool to help dissuade aggressive behaviour and increase the transparency of these encounters.

Edesix BWCs have been thoroughly field-tested by frontline security workers in a multitude of environments and have proven themselves to be of benefit during challenging situations, often relevant to airport security.

Not only are BWCs proven to change the behaviour of those being recorded, they also give a unique viewpoint on unfolding events. Compared to CCTV cameras, which are usually placed in the most at-risk areas on any premises, BWCs are mobile, allowing for an alternate point of view of any incident. This can benefit evidence gathering, if needed.

Furthermore, with the advent of Wi-Fi enabled BWCs with the VideoBadge VB-300, it is now possible to livestream events as they are recorded. This feature allows staff in a designated control room to check-in to incidents as they unfold, and send assistance and support wherever they feel it is necessary. This feature guarantees a greater level of protection for security staff and the public alike.

Moreover, due to Edesix’s unique partnership with Genetec, a leading provider of open-platform, unified IP security solutions, Edesix VideoBadges can integrate seamlessly with Genetec Security center software. This allows for CCTV footage as well as BWC footage to be viewed through the same video management software, allowing for security staff to see multiple points of view an incident simultaneously.  

The security inside airports is not the only concern for their staff, indeed, Michael Boyd, an aviation consultant from Evergreen, Colorado said;

 “Our back doors are wide open at airports, ground security for airliners is really weak: things like catering carts, cargo pods, et cetera, have no security.”

BWCs provide a simple means to bolster the security of these areas, especially when using live-streaming to link to a video management system, allowing the BWCs to act as mobile CCTV. 

Compared to current schemes put in place by airport and airline security, Body worn is a relatively cost effective tool, which can be used to show the point of view of their security staff, whilst adding to an overall security solution.

Body worn cameras seem like an ideal fit for airports and airlines, both of which are under constant scrutiny to advance their security systems.