Body Worn Cameras trialled by Rail Services

As Body Worn Cameras become more popular, Rail Sevices have begun trialing the technology to better protect their staff.

With a £38bn investment plan in place for the rail service in coming years, officials are looking towards bolstering their security setups.

With the proliferation of Body Worn Cameras (BWC) in police forces, prison services and security companies, these devices have been recently trialled by Rail services.

Body Worn Cameras offer an opportunity to improve the safety of both staff and members of the public alike. With such a wide variety of public facing roles in the rail services, from security staff to ticket collectors, implementing BWCs as a deterrent to aggression could benefit all facets of the rail services.

Not only are BWCs proven to change the behaviour of those being recorded, they also give a unique viewpoint on unfolding events. Compared to CCTV cameras, which are usually placed in the most at-risk areas on any premises, statically, BWCs are mobile, allowing for an alternate point of view of any incident. This can benefit evidence gathering, if needed.

Edesix BWCs have been thoroughly field-tested by frontline security workers in a multitude of environments and have been proven to be of benefit during challenging situations, often relevant to rail security.

Furthermore, with the advent of Wi-Fi enabled BWCs such as the VideoBadge VB-300, it is now possible to livestream events as they are recorded. This feature allows staff in a designated control room to check-in to incidents as they unfold, and send assistance and support wherever they feel it is necessary.

There were a total of 8,829 cases of violence against an individual on rail services in 2014/15 alone. There were also 6,064 cases of crime other than violence on trains in the same period. BWCs can help improve both of these statistics, as well as reduce the amount of lost police minutes, which is another key national target for rail services.

Edesix will be exhibiting at the Railtex show from the 9th-11th of May, showing the innovative VideoBadge range of BWCs.