The Benefits of Incident Recorders

The VideoTag Incident Recorder is a light-weight, discreet, easy to use BWC that can be worn as part of staff uniform, ready to record at a moment’s notice.

Body Worn Cameras (BWC) have become a prevalent tool used by police forces and security firms the world over. The use of cameras in these markets has led to other industries, such as retail and venue security, trialling BWCs as a means of protecting staff and deterring aggressive behaviour.


The VideoTag VT-50 Incident Recorder is the latest in Body Worn Camera solutions from Edesix. Designed to complement your over-arching security function, this light-weight, discreet and easy to use body camera can be worn as part of staff uniform, ready to record at a moment’s notice. The VideoTag weighs just 27g, yet has many of the capabilities expected of an Edesix BWC. Intended for less frequent use than our Videbadge range of Body worn cameras, the VT-50 requires minimal attention from staff and has the ability to operate on standby mode for up to three months. In addition this, the VT-50 can automatically offload or stream footage when an incident is recorded via Wi-Fi.


Fixed IP Cameras and CCTV are already a staple of retail security, used by independent stores and supermarkets alike. With the ability to integrate into leading, ONVIF compliant, Video management systems(VMS), the VideoTag is an ideal complement to retail security setups. Furthermore, the small size of the VT-50 means that customer service staff can benefit from the increased feeling of safety from using a BWC, without hindering their work.

RFID touch assign technology enables VideoTag Incident Recorders to be seamlessly implemented into an enterprise workflow regime. Footage captured by a VideoTag can also be used in training for customer service staff when dealing with antagonistic customers, highlighting best practice for retailers.


Airports are some of the most tightly secured premises across the world, with a host of security measures used to protect staff and travellers. Implementing Incident Recorders into airport security allows for multiple view-points to be observed in tandem, from fixed IP cameras as well as from the view of staff. Travelling through security at airports can be a stressful experience for travellers and can lead to increased tension. By using Incident Recorders, security staff can avoid confrontations, as BWCs have been proven to deter aggressive behaviour and de-escalate heightened situations. The HD recording capabilities of the Videotag also mean that footage captured is clear, informative and of evidential quality.


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