The Benefits of Incident Recorders for Retailers

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In a survey covering over a third of UK retail staff, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) found that retailers had suffered a 40% rise in violence and abuse in 2016, and that 1 in 20 staff members had endured violence and abuse from members of the public.

One of the ways to actively deter this sort of behaviour, and protect customer-facing staff, is to equip staff with Body Worn Incident Recorders, such as Edesix’s VideoTag VT-50.

The Edesix VideoTag VT-50

The VideoTag VT-50 Incident Recorder is the latest in Body Worn Camera solutions from Edesix. Designed to complement your over-arching security function, this light-weight, unobtrusive and easy to use body camera can be worn by staff on their uniform, ready to record at a moment’s notice. The VideoTag weighs just 27g, yet has many of the capabilities expected of an Edesix BWC.

Intended for less frequent use than our VideoBadge range of Body worn cameras, the VT-50 requires minimal attention from staff and has the ability to operate on standby mode for up to three months. In addition to this, the VT-50 can automatically offload or stream footage when an incident is recorded within via Wi-Fi.

How VideoTags Benefit Retailers 

Fixed IP Cameras and CCTV are already a staple of retail security, used by independent stores and supermarkets alike. VideoTag networks can be integrated into leading, ONVIF compliant, Video management systems (VMS), for live streaming to security control centres and enhancing Fixed IP Camera coverage in retail environments. Furthermore, the small footprint of the VT-50 means that it is able to provide retail staff with reassurance in their work-place safety, without hindering their day-to-day activities.

Not only do the cameras benefit retailers by capturing footage of incidents, simply wearing the cameras has been proven to dissuade antagonistic behaviour towards staff, de-escalating the situation before any violence occurs.

RFID touch assign technology enables VideoTag Incident Recorders to be seamlessly implemented into an enterprise workflow regime. Footage captured by a VideoTag can also be used in training for customer service staff when dealing with abusive customers, and establishing best practice techniques for retailers.

With violence against retail staff members increasing every year, the Edesix VideoTag offers a simple, convenient solution, protecting staff whilst capturing court-ready evidence.