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The number of organisations adopting body worn camera solutions is increasing every year. The technology helps users to be better protected at work through deterring conflict and brings swift resolution to disputes and allegations.

However, there are some important questions to ask yourself if you are responsible for running a body worn video system.

VideoManager software stores and indexes your video recordings in secure format. 1 hour of VideoBadge recorded footage produces 1GB of data which is divided into easily retrievable clips.

VideoManager employs strict access controls to ensure that only authorised personnel can view or make evidence from the video files.

VideoBadge operates a secure AES encryption with the VideoManager software, meaning only by returning the VideoBadge to the authorised PC can footage be obtained from the device. This prevents any video clips from being copied or shared from a lost or stolen device.

Each frame of video recorded by VideoBadge is stamped with the date, time and frame number preventing any tampering of the video files. VideoManager also records each time the footage is accessed and by which operator to provide a full audit trail.

VideoManager can be configured to automatically delete unwanted footage after a set number of days (usually 30). Clips which have been categorised as evidence will not be deleted by this process.